I don’t post my photography on here a lot, but I’m really happy with this series. It’s actually a series of 6, if you’re interested the rest of them are here.

The series is about women’s negative body image and self-destruction caused by unrealistic societal expectations combined with low self-esteem. I shot everything on 4x5 sheet film with a large format camera (if you don’t know, those are the “old timey” cameras with bellows and a hood that you have to go under). I then cut, scratched, and burned the ever-loving shit out of each negative, and pieced them back together (with clear tape) to print in the darkroom. Each finished print is 16”x20”, printed on Ilford matte finish fiber based paper.

If you follow the link, my artist statement is also there, going into more detail on what the series means.

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    Reminds me of Macku. Great work, concept and technique. :)
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    My friend Liz is an amazing artist.
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